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Mountain bike coach

A natural on two wheels, on whatever bike,  Laurie’s widely known as one of the most stylish riders in the South. He always likes to go fast, but most of all have fun. 


“I’ve always loved helping people with whatever life has to offer. For me, riding bikes is where I feel most comfortable...on one wheel or two. It made total sense to team up with my sister Francie to join @duetcycling. Now, let’s go show the trails who’s boss”.

Qualifications: MIAS Level 2 coach, First Aid qualified 


Silverfish-uk, YetiCycles UK, MBCyclery, Michelin, 100%, RideConcepts, Fox-uk, Cushcore. 

Where my riding started: 

I’ve ridden bikes for as long as I can remember, looking up to slightly older riders such as Ben of MB Cyclery. Wanted to be as fast as Ben, I rode as much as I could as a kid. My mum started taking me to races in my mid teens where I learnt fast and progressed quickly. 

Racing highlights:

  • Llangollen DH National 2nd  

  • Alp d’Huez Megavalanche 53rd overall. 

  • Southern Enduro series overall winner 2021 

Having trouble facing your fears on a trail? No confidence on hitting bigger jumps? Get in touch and Laurie will help you out!

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