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DUET provides comprehensive bike coaching and ride leading to mountain bikers and road riders, from beginner to advanced level. Whether you're after speed, technique or places to ride, DUET can make you feel great on a bike.


Ride Leading


Ride Leading




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MTB & road coach & ride leader



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Liz, fellow enduro racer

I honestly think everyone can benefit from at least one session with a coach and I loved the fact you were also able to approach things from a racing point pf view. The way you made me think more about lines and working through a section efficiently rather than just riding the trail was really helpful. Stringing multiple things together was very beneficial as it’s closer to the kind of riding I do - and the parts I have difficulty with! I definitely would like to come for another session once I’ve worked on the points from this and continue to build my speed and flow though different features. 

Tim, looking to start racing

At aged 50 learning to ride Enduro was on my bucket list.  Having missed the BMX phase in my childhood, I was determined to make up for lost time and wanted to do it properly rather than learning by mistakes, (cause that hurts!).  My first session with Francie was fantastic, at a pace I needed, not to slow or too fast. Her instructions were clear and totally resonated with me. Things started to fall into place and I already felt a more confident rider after my first sessions. I will defiantly be back for another session and looking forward to mastering the skills that I need to ride my first Enduro!

Joe, 10yrs, MTB beginner

Amazing coaching, I loved my first lesson and I learnt loads. Francie was a great teacher, really friendly. She explained techniques well  and gave lots of demonstrations  which made me understand how to do it and it was fun too. I can't wait for my next lesson! 😀😁

Andy, MTB rider

If you are thinking of going for some MTB coaching I would totally recommend Francie at Duet Cycling. Francie took the time to understand my particular coaching needs, and then tailored a very enjoyable session around them. With her guidance I made a big step forward, and was able to tackle features with confidence that previously would have felt insurmountable. Her use of video to record sections, and show progression, really helped build confidence. Will definitely be booking more sessions."

Damien, new MTB rider

I have been riding for 3 or 4 months now but wanted to progress so my riding started to show style and flow. I was recommended by a friend to contact Duet Cycling. Apart from buying the bike in the first place its been the best decision I’ve made. Francie was awesome and broke my riding down to show me where I have been going wrong, not only is riding with her brilliant but the level of aftercare really helped as she sends you a full breakdown of what we went over and where to improve. The attention to detail was incredible. If you love riding and want to improve look no further than Francie & Duet Cycling. 

Grace, from Red Bull UK

I had a 2 hour MTB coaching session with Francie. Her friendly persona meant I immediately felt super comfortable to quiz her on bike set up and basic questions -which she kindly helped with and gave me some useful advice. The session itself was the perfect intro coaching session, adapted to my experience as a pretty novice rider. We covered the basic principles of body/weight positioning which was ideal for a first session, Francie provided reasoning for each instruction which was really useful! The photos/videos taken throughout and follow up report were really detailed and bespoke to my session/style and clearly outlined what I need to work on. Looking forward to putting it all into practice out on the trails and then booking in for another coaching session in a couple of months!

Nick, MTB rider

I've ridden mountain bikes for 20+ years but never had a lesson. From the get-go, Francie made me feel at ease. We had corresponded prior so Francie knew what I wanted to work on. Once on the trails, I found her style of instruction to be clear and we often worked on the same skill a few times until we were both happy. I loved that as the lesson progressed, Francie started to challenge and push me out of my comfort zone. Francie provides a follow-up email detailing all that we covered in the session, plus video of my riding, which I found really helpful. I have now put the lesson into practice and I'm feeling so much more confident out on the trails. I'm looking forward to my next session. I cannot recommend Duet and Francie highly enough. 

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